M5Stack ENV III Unit 温湿度気圧センサ (SHT30+QMP6988) の使い方

M5StickC ENV-HAT IIが壊れてしまい[ENV III Unit 温湿度気圧センサー (SHT30+QMP6988)]を買ったので使い方をメモしておきます。

ENV III Unit with Temperature Humidity Air Pressure Sensor (SHT30+QMP6988)
ENV III SKU:U001-C Description ENV III is an environmental sensor that integrates SHT30 and QMP6988 internally to detect temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure data. SHT30 is a high-precision and low-power digital temperature and humidity sensor, and supports I2C interface (SHT30:0x44 , QMP6988:0x70).QMP6988 is an absolute air pressure sensor specially designed for mobile applications, with high accuracy and stability, suitable for environmental data collection and detection types of projects.Product Features Simple and easy to use High accuracy I2C communication interface HY2.0-4P interface, support platform UIFlow , Arduino 2x LEGO compatible holes Include 1x ENV-III Unit 1x HY2.0-4P Cable Applications Weather station Storage barn environment monitoring Specification Resources Parameter Maximum temperature measurement range -40 ~ 120 ℃ Highest measurement accuracy 0 ~ 60 ℃/±0.2℃ Humidity measurement range/error 10 ~ 90 %RH / ±2% Maximum measured value of air pressure/resolution/error 300 ~ 1100hPa / 0.06Pa / ±3.9Pa Communication protocol I2C: SHT30(0x44), QMP6988(0x70) Working temperature 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C ) Net weight 5g Gross weight 17g Product Size 24.2*32.2*8.1mm Package Size 67*53*12mm Case Material Plastic ( PC ) ENV version scheme comparison ENV I ENV II ENV III DHT12+BMP280 SHT30+BMP280 SHT30+QMP6988 PinMap M5Core(PORT A) GPIO22 GPIO21 5V GND ENV III Unit SCL SDA 5V GND Schematic Related Link Datasheet QMP6988 SHT30 Learn M5stack based PFD (Primary Flight Display) An attempt to create a realtime “Artificial Horizon” on the M5. Matrix Shelly Thermostat: A Serverless Approach A modular WiFi smart thermostat that doesn’t need you to maintain any infrastructure: deploy it everywhere, integrate with everything. M5Stack COM. LoRaWAN Using Arduino IDE M5Stack recently released an updated LoRaWAN module. This tutorial teaches you how to connect it to The Things Network using Arduino IDE. Smart Plant with M5Stack Make your plants smart and monitor water, temperature and humidity! M5StickC with HomeKit Automation Used StickC with ESPHap library to connect to HomeKit Smart Planting System Building a smart planting system using M5Stack to monitor the lights, humidity, temperature, watering your plant automatically. 3 in 1 Sanitiser Dispenser We have devised with an innovation that dispenses hand sanitiser, measures the temperature of user, shows the count of people in vicinity. CovidStop A technology which increases efficiency in signing in or out during peak hour areas when entering the campus while the SafeEntry implies. SEAM [Safe-Entry Access Machine] An automatic system to perform the tasks of Safe Entry. It consist an adjustable Thermometer, RFID / QR Code Check in and Counting. Example Arduino ENV III Unit Test


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またHATの話になりますがENV II HATには磁界センサーBMM150が搭載されていましたが、HAT IIIでは磁界センサーはなっています。


スケッチは、M5StackのGithubリポジトリ m5stack / UNIT_ENV に公開されているソースを使います。




$ git clone git@github.com:m5stack/UNIT_ENV.git
$ cp src/* examples/UNIT_ENV_III/
$ open UNIT_ENV_III.ino 

Arudino IDEで開くと関連するファイルはタブで読み込まれます。

ENV III UINTをM5Stick-Cにつないで、M5Stick-Cにスケッチを書き込むと以下のように計測した値がディスプレイに表示されます。

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